Nuevo Portil

The beach of Nuevo Portil overlooks the sea from one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the 'Costa de la Luz' on Huelva. With an extension of 5 km of coastline, it is surrounded by pines and junipers being the active leisure and nature its greatest values.

Nuevo Portil also has sports, educational and nautical facilities, from which boat trips can be made to places as special as the virgin beach of the Flecha de El Rompido.

The beach of San Miguel, is between the nuclei of El Rompido and Nuevo Portil, in the Bank of the Piedras River and in front of the arrow of El Rompido. Its main attraction is its pine forest, which leads directly to an extensive beach of fine white sands. In it you will find a natural environment, conjugated with all the necessary equipment for bathers. This place is a unique place where the green of the Cartayero pine forest blends with the blue of the sea.

The `Caño de la Culata`, like the rest of the environment, forms an incomparable landscape between dunes and pine forests. They are waters between the typical riparian vegetation and the sands.

These enclaves has been rediscovered for modern residential and hotel complexes but always respecting all its charm as well as its beautiful grove that extends to the same cliff that overlooks its beaches.