El Rompido - Flavor at sea

Cartaya is a coastal town, where neighbors and visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches where a swim or a simple walk at sunset becomes a real pleasure:

El Rompido has seen how tourism comes to complement its economy more every day. The sea is this strategic place, adjacent to the Natural Area of ​​the Marismas del Piedras and just at the beginning of its estuary, a common destination for those who seek unsurpassable conditions for the practice of water sports. Although it is also possible to enjoy boat trips and fishing trips. Not in vain, the charm of this fishing village and the quality and freshness of its fish and seafood, have turned El Rompido into a gastronomic destination of the first order.

In this enclave, the dynamic littoral activity has formed a unique sandy formation, the Flecha de El Rompido, which opens onto the Atlantic Ocean from a virgin beach that can be accessed thanks to the shuttle services that are located at the shore of the beaches of Cartaya. Its vegetal and faunal wealth make the Natural Site Marismas del Río Piedras and Flecha de El Rompido a place of special interest for nature lovers.


New Portil and San Miguel - A forest overlooking the sea

The beaches of Nuevo Portil and San Miguel overlook the sea from one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Huelva coast. Surrounded by pines and junipers, these beaches have an urban planning of clear quality tourism. In fact, here are the lowest urban densities of the Spanish coast. Active leisure and nature are its values.

Active leisure and nature are two of its main values. New Portil also has sports, educational and nautical facilities, from which boat trips can be made to places as special as the virgin beach of the Flecha de El Rompido.

The tourist complex is completed with a golf course in which the beautiful trees that extend to the cliff that overlooks its beaches have been respected.

On the other hand, San Miguel beach is also part of the quality tourism project of the municipality, based on active leisure, nature and the sea. This fluvial beach also has ferry services that connect directly to the virgin beach of La Flecha.