Pine Forests

Pinares de Cartaya

The forest patrimony of Cartaya, or Campo Común, is popularly known as Pinares de Cartaya, since the most numerous and most representative species of the Cartayero territory is the stone pine (Pinus pinea), covering an area of ​​11,500 hectares.

The Common Field of Cartaya has a great ecological and landscape value. In it there is a great variety of plant species of the Mediterranean forest (thermo-mediterranean floor), and a great variety of animal species especially in regard to birds and small vertebrates such as dormice, rabbits, hares, foxes, jinetas, etc.

The Common Field of Cartaya is subdivided into two distinct environments among them: the Common Ground from Above and the Common Ground from Below. The first of these, the Campo Común de Arriba, has an approximate area of ​​7629 hectares, while the Campo Comun de Abajo has an area of ​​3,533 hectares.

The Common Ground Field is located south of the municipality, bordering the dune cord. This zone comes from the first dune cord to the place called "El Menajo". As for the Common Ground Field, in addition to serving as a hunting area and used as a ground for traditional works such as charcoal bowls and recreational use, it is very important because it also acts as an ecological corridor for species of birds and mammals, since that connects the coast with the andévalo.

On the other hand, the Common Ground of Above possesses a more steep relief. Its extension comes from the place called "El Menajo" to the northern territorial limit of the municipality with San Silvestre de Guzmán and Villanueva de los Castillejos.

In addition, in both areas we can find trails, picnic areas and recreational areas that are available through the pine forests of Cartaya so that visitors can enjoy this exceptional natural environment.